McArthurGlen Designer Outlet West Midlands is pleased to announce the date for its bi-annual Late Night Shopping sale. Guests visiting the Centre on Thursday 27th October, from 9am – 10pm will have the opportunity to browse their favourite brands and take advantage of the additional 20% off outlet prices on a wide range of must-have items. This is also the first time that the Centre will be extending opening hours until 10pm, providing customers an extended time period to shop at unmatched prices.

Fashion lovers across the West Midlands can look forward to unbeatable offers on iconic brands such as BOSS, Tommy Hilfiger, Adidas and Calvin Klein. With additional discounts added to McArthurGlen’s already unrivalled prices on its premium offering, including an extra 30% off Lacoste, Luke 1977 and Ted Baker. The Late Night Shopping sale is the perfect occasion to update Autumn/Winter wardrobes with iconic, timeless pieces that will last for seasons to come, saving money in the long run.
Guests visiting the West Midlands Designer Outlet during the Late Night Shopping event will also be able to enjoy a wide range of entertainment poised to elevate their visit to the ultimate shopping experience of the year:
• A roaming band will be entertaining guests throughout the day in 30 min bursts from 5-9pm
• McArthueGlen West Midlands will encourage visitors to take part in their latest addition – the Spin-the-Wheel, giving guests an opportunity to win prizes throughout the day

David Jackson, Centre Manager at West Midlands Designer Outlet, said: “With the festive season right around the corner, we are continuing to ensure that our guests have opportunities to shop our high-quality, premium brands for unmatched prices. Thursday’s Late Night Shopping event showcases this pledge by giving shoppers the chance to pick up a wide range of brands at great prices, everything from homeware, fashion to F&B, all packed up in a fun day out!”

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