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Birmingham 2022 Festival

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Birmingham 2022 Festival


This is an extraordinary time for Birmingham and the West Midlands. Already glowing from the impact of Coventry UK City of Culture, the arrival of the Commonwealth Games is an electric opportunity to celebrate this place that we call home, and to reach out to the world with our creativity.


The Birmingham 2022 Festival is the biggest celebration of creativity ever in the region and one of the largest ever Commonwealth Games cultural programmes. The festival is committed to being open and honest, even about the most uncomfortable of topics, and is proud to present a showcase of creativity that is as thoughtful as it is celebratory. 

The plan was simple: clearly lay out the opportunity, listen intently to the response, and curate as much of what was proposed back into a festival for all to enjoy!

The Birmingham 2022 Festival is led by artists who know that great audience experiences are a magical combination of beauty, community, participation, diversity and inclusion. Heritage is a golden thread that runs through and between every event, project and idea. Above all, it is a festival made in the West Midlands for the Commonwealth, and everyone is invited.

When the Games conclude in August, the Festival will keep going through to the end of September. We’ll then step aside and let the region’s vibrant cultural offer continue to thrive.  

Legacy is a living thing, an imprint – it’s what happens when there’s enough energy and will to keep hold of the things that matter most, and when those who take part in something are changed by it, for the better.

From its inception, our cultural legacy has always included changing perceptions.

For more information, visit: birmingham2022.com/festival.
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1 Mar 2022 - 30 Sept 2022

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