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Mosaic by Sonia Sabri Company

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Mosaic by Sonia Sabri Company


Part of the Midsummer Festival, a free one-day festival celebrating arts and culture across the West Midlands.


Mosaic brings together a vibrant programme of performances and live talks by Sonia Sabri Company and its new generation of artists for Midsummer Festival 2020.

For more information and to watch the performances visit: https://www.facebook.com/soniasabricompany and https://www.instagram.com/soniasabrico




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11:00 - 11:20am   “Hoy Hoy” Folk dance   Facebook   Dance students of Sonia Sabri open the company’s programme for Midsummer Festival 2020 with an upbeat and high energy folk dance. Recorded especially in their homes for the festival.  
13:00pm   Salaam   Facebook   Salaam Kathak dance solo with live music. 
Salaam was created in response to the atrocities and unrest occurring all around us today in our modern world. It invites the audience to refocus on the good things in the world and the people we share it with. Salaam gives no importance to political, social and economic tensions, but instead is a perfect example of integration of form, culture, and experience. 
Credits: Sonia Sabri (Kathak and Choroegraphy) Sarvar Sabri (Tabla and Music Director) Sutapa Dey (Vocal and Harmonium) Suhail Yusuf Khan (Sarangi).
15:00pm   RED   Facebook  

The production explores the visual spectrum's most potent colour from social, philosophical, emotional and musical perspectives. The music composed by Sarvar Sabri engages in various musical disciplines ranging from Indian classical to jazz to contemporary.

Sonia Sabri – Dancer and Choreographer
Sarvar Sabri – Tabla, Performer and Composer
Amina Khayyam – Dancer
Genevieve Jordan – Dancer
Alvin Davis – Saxaphone
Gulfam Sabri – Vocal and Harmonium

17:00 - 17:10pm   NuBody   Instagram  

Nu Body is an experimental, critical and thought provoking film that explores themes of light versus dark, reality versus the fairy tale versions of the female mind and body. The film aims to raise questions as to who owns and controls the female subject and/or object? What is the significance of her cerebral and corporeal existence? And, how is this female sculpted mind and body as positioned within the contemporary space of the ‘here and now’ responsible for nurturing in particular the next generation of women? Nu Body also centres on the importance of the colour ‘red’ as this is often visible in many South Asian customs and traditions. It is the use of this colour that often signifies a girl’s worth in the sense of moving from childhood into womanhood. Through the female sculpted and dancing body, Sonia Sabri also gives thanks to those women that have paved the way for liberation and empowerment, at the same time reminding is that the journey the contemporary woman has only just begun. 

Sonia Sabri – Artistic Director, Choroegrapher, Artist
Matthew Beckett – Director and Editor
Sarvar Sabri – Composer and tabla-vox
Alvin Davies – Saxaphone
Andy Vine – Sound Design
John Palmer – Lighting Gafer/Grip
Jed Cowdell – Assistant editor
Emilay Hall – Hair and Make-up
Rimpy – costume
Amelia Taylor – Camera assistant
Adeed Hussain – Production Assistant
Thanks to Screen Diversity, London Asian Film Festival, Tongues on Fire, British Film Institute, River Rea Films and Arts Council England. 

17:10 -17:40pm   In conversation with Sonia about NuBody    Instagram   Join in a live conversation with Sonia Sabri about NuBody led by company dancer and apprentice Aakanksha Rawat.
19:00 - 19:30pm   Kathakbox   Facebook   

Kathakbox is a vibrant, energetic and uplifting production which celebrates the unique, diverse energy of modern urban spaces. 

Kathakbox brings together Indian Kathak dance’s grace and vigour and the rhythms & rhymes of Hip Hop culture. Complex classical rhythms converse with beatbox and the verbal dexterity of Kathak rap (Kavitt) layers with urban poetry. Kathakbox discovers the raw spirit and heartbeat of each art form which reverberate between cultures, reflecting the diverse, intersecting rhythms of the human experience. 

Kathakbox is inspired by how we relate to each other in our diverse societies, often stereotyping or labelling ourselves and others, and limiting our worlds by doing so. It explores how we can interact, communicate, and collaborate – discovering the values of dialogue and integration. The artistic languages of dance, music and spoken word are used as metaphors to define our own identities and ‘think outside the box’. 

Credits: This bold, heart-pounding production features Sonia Sabri performing alongside dancers Amayra Fuller and Suzanne Grubham, dynamic b-boy Nathan Geering, tabla maestro Sarvar Sabri, acclaimed spoken word artist & vocalist Marcina Arnold and beatboxer Shan Bansil. Richard Alston and Jonzi D Artistic are the Artistic Consultants. 

21:00pm   Dastaan   Instagram  

'Dastaan' is a unique LIVE music and film experience that explores the traditional Persian calligraphy Nasta’liq with movement in space and unfolds the beauty of the artforms respectively.
The film features internationally renowned Birmingham Royal Ballet Associate Director Marion Tait CBE. The film is simply poetry in motion, a result of working with calligraphy and movement through a collaborative process. It takes inspiration from a ghazal by Hafez which features in a 16th century Mughal manuscript in the British Library collections, roughly translating as In the beginning of creation a ray of your beauty appeared and put the whole universe on fire.

The music is composed and structured in some sections and improvised in others, thus responding to each musician's artistry, as well as the visuals, making it a unique performance each time. 
Through Dastaan we find a meeting of the interlinked cultures of India and Persia, and then translate that into the context of a modern, multi-cultural Britain. Dastaan is a Farsi word, which has been used by Urdu speaking people and from there came to the Hindi language. It means ‘story’ or ‘story of our life’ and is a poetical word used in lyrics and poems. 

Creative Team
Artistic Director / Choreographer – Sonia Sabri
Musical Director / Composer - Sarvar Sabri
Film-Maker – Matthew Beckett (River Rea Films)
Dance Artist – Marion Tait CBE
Master Calligrapher – Mehdi Jamali
Technical Manager - Mick Diver

Sarvar Sabri – tabla, sthumna, vocals
Alvin Davis – sax
Sam Fox – vocal / harp
Shoma Dey – vocal / harmonium
Pulkit Sharma – dholak / vocal / khartaal
Sonia Sabri – vocal
Mehdi Jamali – vocal / setar

21.30pm   In conversation with Sarvar about Dastaan   Instagram   Join in a live conversation with the composer of Dastaan Sarvar Sabri led by company musician and apprentice Pulkit Sharma. 
22.40pm   Akaar   Facebook   We share the wonderful achievements of our dedicated and committed dance and music students. 



See more performances on the Midsummer Festival main page on Saturday 20th June. 

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