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Great British Boating

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Great British Boating offers a range of canal boat holidays on the 2,000 miles of Britain’s inland waterways, with all of the information you need to plan and make the most of your time. You can adventure at your own pace along our recommended routes, watching out for wildlife and stopping to enjoy traditional pubs, tea rooms and country walks, as well as exciting historic attractions and cultural events.

Peaceful canals and rivers offer a great way to relax and discover Britain from a unique perspective. Choose from hundreds of top quality boats offering all the comforts of home, and all operated by established canal boat holiday companies.

Canal boat hire operators offer a range of holidays from each starting point.

Short breaks are three-night weekends or four night mid-week holidays. They are great for beginners, providing the chance to get a taste of life afloat on Britain’s inland waterways.

One week holidays provide seven nights away, starting on a Friday or a Saturday.  A week afloat offers the chance to travel further and explore more waterside attractions.

Longer holidays can be 10-days, two weeks or even longer.  These holidays offer the chance to travel round some of the larger circuits, taking in a wide range of landscapes and destinations.

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