Hatton Shopping Village and Hatton Adventure World will re-open on Friday 19 June after what has clearly been a deeply worrying time for the local independent shops that occupy the old Victorian farm buildings and for those looking after the animals.

Hatton Shopping Village, with its Garden Centre and over 20 specialist shops, is now open seven days a week and Hatton Adventure World is for the time being, open every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Hatton has been working closely with the authorities and has installed measures that include social distancing markers, hand sanitiser stations, one-way systems, till screens and contactless payments.

Johnnie Arkwright, owner of Hatton Country World said “The health and safety of our visitors and staff is of course of paramount importance. Our acres of open space and bags of fresh country air are perhaps our greatest attributes now.  Supporting small local businesses at times like this is in the forefront of everyone’s minds and in return we hope to bring back those happy days of countryside fun”.

The internal areas of Hatton Adventure World will remain closed in accordance with Government guidelines; however, visitors can see the animals and the Old Nature Trail to Hatton Locks and back has been reintroduced. Visitors can also enjoy strawberry picking which is part of the entertainment for at least the next couple of weekends.

Takeaway food and drink are available in both the Adventure World and the Shopping Village with ample seating dotted around and the toilet facilities are also back in use. 

Entry to Hatton Shopping Village is free and prices for Hatton Adventure World have been reduced to reflect the absence of shows and indoor entertainment. Tickets to Adventure World must be booked online so that numbers can be controlled, and social distancing maintained.

For more information on Hatton Country World please visit the website at www.hattonworld.com. For more information on Hatton Adventure World please visit www.hattonworld.com/adventure-world or telephone 01926 843411. For more information on Hatton Shopping Village please visit www.hattonworld.com/shopping-village




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