Head Chef Rob Mason and his team at 1919 Restaurant at The Cottage in the Wood Malvern have launched a seven-course tasting menu using the local and seasonal ingredients of Worcestershire.

1919 Restaurant, which won the Taste of Worcestershire Award at the Worcestershire Tourism Awards 2021, will offer the new tasting menu as part of the daily dinner service, bringing to life the passion and culinary vision of head Chef Rob Mason to bring a twist on classic British flavours.

Whether it is meat, fish or plant-based, the tasting menu is constantly changing to make the most of the seasonal ingredients of local suppliers. With seven unique courses utilising the local larder, delicacies include Chalk Stream trout pastrami with dill, beetroot and buttermilk, lamb rump and sweetbreads with ewes curd and salsa verde, followed by almond cake served with blood orange curd and merengue. Every dish is meticulously prepared with the local area in mind – served overlooking sweeping views of the Severn Valley.

Rob Mason said: “Our menus at 1919 Restaurant have evolved in the last few years, building on the ambitions of our team to produce outstanding food using quality, local ingredients. We were so excited to win The Taste of Worcestershire Award earlier this year, and we feel a tasting menu is the ideal way to showcase our food, taking our offering to the next level.”

The new Tasting Menu is served daily from 5:30pm in 1919 Restaurant, starting from £70 per person.




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