Families can discover the Magic of Science at the British Motor Museum this half term from 22 – 30 October. Children can get up close to one of the Ford Anglias which starred in the film Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and then join the mad scientists for some magical, mind-blowing experiments, extraordinary family tours plus make an optical illusion to take home!

The Black Cat Trail takes place every day when children can search around the Museum for the hidden black cats and, with a torch, discover the colour of each cat's eyes!

The Extraordinary Family Tour runs from 22 - 24 & 28 - 30 October when children can join Professor Pickle or Doctor Pumpkin for an interactive family tour, exploring the Museum to seek out the extraordinary in the collection.

The Magic of Science Show takes place from 25 - 27 October with the mad scientists performing some mind-blowing experiments in the not-so-secret lab! The Professor is stuck in the past and thinks a car is a horse-drawn carriage however Dr Pumpkin will bring him back to the present in the 20-minute show which explores the amazing invention of the car.  

Children can also make their own Thaumatrope - an optical toy which was very popular in Victorian times! They can draw it, cut it out, colour it in, paint it, and even add glitter.

Emma Rawlinson, Life Long Learning Officer at the British Motor Museum said “We have plenty to enjoy this half term helping families engage with our collection in a fun and interactive way, bringing cars to life with great stories, fun facts and hands on activities. Our Magic of Science show features all kinds of magical science – from friction to levitation and will both amaze and fascinate children of all ages!” 

Museum entry is just £40 for a family in advance or £44 on the day, £14.50 for adults in advance or £16 on the day, £12.50 for concessions in advance or £14 on the day, £9 for children (5-16 years) in advance or £10 on the day and under 5s are FREE. There is also the option to Gift Aid or donate your entry fee and get an Annual Pass in return, at no extra cost. All family activities are included in Museum admission and run on a drop in basis, just visit the Family Activity station on arrival to find out what is going on when. All activities are suitable for 3+ years with adult supervision, unless otherwise specified. 

To find out more information about half term activities please call 01926 895300 or visit the website at www.britishmotormuseum.co.uk/whats-on/




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